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Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency – Bill Gates

Incentivizing OSISOFT PI System Services

With more than 7 years of  combined experience on the PI Systems, our experts have the insight and capabilities to meet any challenge to transform your processes and strategies. 

Innovative System Integration

We Integrate systems producing all kinds of data coming from disparate sources and bring them on one platform for user friendly Data Visualization and Data Analytics.

Reporting & Analytics

Our solutions provide a fully integrated performance reporting and analytics by sorting and analyzing real time acquired data. ECGiT can provide in depth reporting, tracking and analysis of ‘Key Performance Indicators’ (KPI) to help drive informed business decisions. Key indicators measured include employee performance, asset utilization, asset tracking, or dispatch reliability.  Our expert team excels in cognitive Analytic using different AI tools. Providing data insights with business intelligence and make a common/central platform for all departments to access data and help them decide.

Real Time Assets Monitoring & Process Optimization

Our real time solutions provide



Key benefits to our customers

  • Asset Visibility, anywhere, anytime providing Anti-theft capability
  • Asset condition Monitoring helps reduce maintenance costs
  • Remote Asset operation monitoring for accurate and increased asset utilization
  • Readily available reports and analytics for improved operational, financial and human resource decisions.

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